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Colombian Women's Star Sent Death Threats After Signing For Rivals

Nicole Regnier has played her trade in Spain and represented the Colombia Women's team at Rio 2016.

Colombia’s Football Woman’s Team star striker, Nicole Regnier, has been receiving death threats from Deportivo Cali ‘barras bravas’ following her decision to sign for city rivals America de Cali.Regnier has been a lifelong Deportivo fan and never hid that fact with pictures of her in the past posted on social media wearing the club’s famous green jersey. Her decision to take down these photographs on the eve of her confirming the move to America has incensed many of the Deportivo supporters and has since received these death threats.

The player, who played for Atletico Madrid B and Rayo Vallecano women’s teams, had expressed her happiness for her arrival to America on social media. "From the start the fans of America have supported me, but some followers of Deportivo Cali did not take it well," Regnier said in an interview to Radio Blu.

“I deleted the pictures four days before signing with America because it is a new era in my life. We are starting from zero and out of respect for the fans of America I could not be seen with the colours of another team.”

“I never received threats in Spain. My pals in Atletico always wanted to come with me as I told them that Colombia was a peaceful country, but now I am scared about what might happen to me. I cannot go out in the street because I am not sure what will happen. The best fan is not the one who kills, but the one who is tolerant.”

She wrote in her Facebook account after announcing her arrival to America; "Deportivo Cali will always be in my heart. The feelings for the team will not disappear and my affection can only grow. My love for the fans will not change either,"

Deportivo Cali’s President Alvaro Martinez came out to defend Nicole highlighting an important detail, Deportivo Cali does not compete in the woman’s football league, and that “She is a person who needs to practice and play professional football. Also “Deportivo never called her, not because we don’t support the women’s game, but because we don’t have a women’s team. He also explained that “the player who a few days ago was linked to America de Cali, has always shown love for our team, as a professional she will defend the colours of the team she signed for. This we must respect.”

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