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What is La Copa America Centenario?

What exactly is the Copa America Centenaro?

This June the United States will play host to a special edition of the Copa America to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the competition which pits the best teams in South American and this year will include 6 CONCACAF representatives.

The 16 teams are divided into 4 groups:

The top 2 teams from each group advance to the knockout round.

There are 10 venues across the US that will stage the Copa100:

The History:

The competition was first held in 1916 and was the first international football tournament ever created. It was an influence, and the catalyst, for talks to create the World Cup. The Copa America traditionally is dominated by Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil who between them have won 37 of the 44 titles.


Uruguay (15), Argentina (14), Brazil ( 8 ) Paraguay (2), Peru (2), Colombia (1), Chile (1), Bolivia (1).

Players To Watch:

Marlos Moreno - Colombia

Christian Pulisic - USA

Jurgen Damm – Mexico

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