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SSTV - Lockdown football returns, Benrahma looking to leave the Brentford, and end of season talk.

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

With football being in a very strange place due to the pandemic we're joined by @StewGetsGoals to give us his opinions on how the return of football has gone with leagues bringing back the beautiful game how safe is it to bring back fans and can sex dolls really help create an atmosphere in stadiums?

Stewart tells us how his beloved Brentford FC were close, but not close enough, in reaching the dizzy heights of Premier League promotion following their defeat in the Championship play-off final to Fulham.

We also discuss what will happen to Brentford playmaker Said Benrahma who is likely to leave the Bees and where he's headed next. We say who our players and manager of the season in the Premier League were now that the season is over. Please leave a comment to get involved with the discussion. Who was your player and manager of the season.

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