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When you look at the sequence of events for the first goal Colombia’s set-up has to be questioned, especially as the match has just kicked off. The inexperience of the team playing together was rasied and you can understand why with this start.  

1. Johan Mojica attempts a cross from deep on the left-hand side in towards Radamel Falcao and Juan Cuadrado, who is in a very central position for a right winger. Johan Mojica’s ball was more hopeful than anything and was easily headed away.

2. The clearance reaches Shinji Kagawa who kicks the ball forward hoping to put Colombia in a dangerous situation. At this point you can see central defender Oscar Murillo push up to pressure Kagawa and does not come close to winning the ball from him, he is ahead of defensive midfielder Carlos Sanchez and, level with Jefferson Lerma. If there was anyone who had to push up to Kagawa at this point it should be one of the central defensive midfielders. 

3. As the ball bounces it is clear that the Colombian defence is all over the place with Davinson Sanchez the only player in his own half, with his speed you would expect him deal with the situation (as would his team mates) especially as he has a slight advantage in his positioning in front of Osako. Within minutes of the game starting Santiago Arias is in a very advanced position, as is expected in his role as an attacking full-back, but none of the other players are in a area to cover him which has given Japan even more space. 

4. Davinson is unable to get control of the ball as Osako steps on his foot causing the defender to lose balance and his ability to get back in front of the Japanese striker. From here it is a race between striker and defender. Carlos Sanchez and Mojica run back whilst Murillo and Lerma don’t seem to going at full pelt, probably expecting Davinson to win the duel.

5. Davinson loses his advantage and his team mates now all do their best to try and make up ground. Notice how Kagawa is behind 5 Colombian players. It is clear to see how much of a difference Murillo would have made had he been nearer to Davinson in the center back position. There is still at 20 yards left for Osako to reach the penalty area, enough time for Murillo to make up ground had he been near his center-back partner, the Pachuca defender is completely out of sorts. 

6. Now Osako has got away from Davinson and pulls off the shot once he is one-on-one with David Ospina. Notice now how Kagawa is now in front of Murillo and Lerma, breaking his neck to join the attack and take advantage of the space in front of him. 

7. Ospina saves the shot only for the ball to arrive at Kagawa’s feet, his shot is then blocked from going into the goal by the arm of Carlos Sanchez.

8. The inevitable happens as a red card is shown to Carlos Sanchez and penalty is awarded to Japan. Kagawa scores the penalty kick. 

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