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Tatical Analysis: Real Bardrid FC (FIFA18)

Recent performances in the Pro Clubs Seasons League Div 6 have been good but unfortunately the side have failed when it matters most and promotion to Div 5 has slipped from our fingertips usually on the last game of the season.

What my aim for this article is to put across some suggestions (after watching back the YouTube clips) which may help improve certain areas in attack and what our defensive duties could be to help the CPU.


We have regularly used 4-2-3-1 (Narrow) and I think it is the best formation to line up with, especially when we have 6 players online. While in attack the LAM and RAM usually operate as LW and RW, supporting the ST making runs off him, cutting inside, or using the wings and more often than not crossing in from the byline. Centre midfielders switch in attack and defence. Our downfall is that whilst we might create chances and score goals and we do concede almost just as many.


There are no specific issues with regards to how our system works, as a team we have a good understanding, but we can definitely mix it up it so that we are much more effective as a unit.

Experience is important and the more we play together, the more we get used to each other's game, this is important as we can learn how to react in different situation in attack or defence. Tactics and planning is one thing but knowing each others characteristics in-play is very important to getting good results.

Defensively the CPU is awful, so our central midfielders are vital when it comes to helping them out although there isn't much we can do against 40 yard screamers.

After watching the last couple of videos we've streamed I've noticed a few things and would like to tell you my ideas.

Otis is the side's LCDM and has done well to hold the line and stick a leg in when possible. He is the anchorman and does that job well and is suited to the role. His heat map burns a hole in the centre of the pitch.

Laga (RCM) plays Box-To-Box and more often than not he is in attack with the CAM. I looked at his heat map and while he does occupy that central role, he did show instances of drifting naturally into LAM, alongside Ley. He was positive getting off shots on target (leading to corners / deflections) or winning the 2nd ball in the final third, creating chances for others, but we are exposed for an opposition attack.

When there are 5 of us online, moving Laga to LAM can benefit the team as he can continue to have a positive affect and dovetail with Ley in the final third and no have to worry about defensive duties. Sanchez would move to RCDM.

Laga should stay RCM when Mitch (LAM) is online, with Sanchez moving to RB.

DT is in ST role but despite being 6ft 1" and 156Lbs can struggle to win the ball from goal kicks as opposition CPU CB's are usually always 6ft or more and heavier. Again I looked at the heat maps and DT plays off the shoulder on the wings, either side, almost in the Neymar role. This does leave central attacking role slightly vacant but the CAM's generally take a good position in the box to cover that position. Upping the weight stat to 175lbs + will make a difference, if it lowers how quick you are, try and use as many points on acceleration / pace as you can. To give you an idea Theirry Henry was 6ft 2" and weighed 179 lbs as a player.

I think we should play a CPU as ST and shift DT to RAM. The generated CPU ST will most likely be as tall as the CB's he's up against, and if we position ourselves around the CPU ST during goal kicks (as an example) and call for the ball (goalside) there is a good chance he can win it (their heading stats are usually good)

Also having DT as a RAM would mean he can use his left foot to cut in more, as he does naturally, and use the CPU ST to work off (give and go / call for the ball). Another positive is his height from goal kicks as he would be favourite to win the header / flick on / chest , against a shorter fullback opponent. If we position ourselves around him (goalside) we can help to receive a pass from him.

We must have flick on options from our goal kicks as a form of defence..

It's essential we win the 2nd balls from goal kicks, if we do this we are more likely to control the game. Too may times we lose that 2nd ball and concede goals. Team mates around the player receiving a high ball from a goal kick have to be aware of the opposition players which are controlled by humans (with the white triangle indicators above their heads). Standing in front of those players all the time will reduce the amount of times we have to face breakaways or quick counters, which our CPU defenders cant deal with.

This is what i propose for the next few matches, feel free to tell me where to go, if it doesn't work, we can change it up.

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